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Today, we are taking a day to clean out the bedrooms and homeschool area.  I am blessed with kids who are easily overwhelmed by clutter, seems that it isn’t a trait that only affects our autistic son.  🙄

It is amazing now much it can influence the productivity each day.  The house isn’t too bad, we just realize that we have more than we need.  For the kids, it is harder to maintain their bedroom and play areas.  By cutting their toys and such down to what they actually play with, they will be able to enjoy their play time and not feel overwhelmed when it’s time to clean up.

I am clearing out the homeschool area.  I see no benefit to keeping so much.  Books and supplies that we are not going to be using this term or next term are being purged out of the house.  Some will be donated, depending on the condition.  Rest of it will be  trashed.  I know that some readers may be hyperventilating at the thought. Homeschool families are in general are a hoarding lot when it comes to educational materials.  I know many families who have rooms with walls of filled bookcases.  It works for them.  It doesn’t work for us.  We prefer the simplicity of only storing what is necessary.

Little Miss is completely embracing the clean out.  She has attacked her area with gusto.  She is so happy about it as well.  Her whole demeaned over the project is light. 

I can’t wait for the project to be done.  Once these areas are complete, I will be doing the same to every other room.  Loving it!!!

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Little Miss is in paper doll heaven. While looking for printable dolls to use for flat travelers, we had found the Making Friends website. Ever since, she has had fun putting together dolls to play with. With the amount of clothing, hair, and theme variations I doubt she will be bored anytime soon.

We took a few of her dolls with us to the Mardel’s Christian book store in OKC.  There, we were able to laminate the finished dolls. She loved it!  A surprise that I have planned for her is to print out the nativity dolls set. I know she will have a lot of fun putting that together and playing with it.

It is so fun to watch my daughter find joy in the same things I enjoyed as a kid. I clearly remember the paper dolls I had. I kept them in a shoe box and could spend hours playing with them. Many were taped to repair them from all the use they got.

What started the paper doll interest for Little Miss was reading about the Ingalls’ girls playing with ones their Ma helped them make from paper during the winter.

We are so blessed to have a daughter who finds the simple things to be so entertaining. She would be happy if we gave her an envelope full of printed out dolls with all the clothes and such for Christmas. 

Next doll to find for her is biblical characters. She has been asking for some. So, now the hunt for ones we can use to go along with Bible stories.

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