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Over the past few months, Pookie has been having more trouble with a gassy stomach.  We had already cut dairy from our family’s diet due to 3 out of 4 of is being lactose intolerant.  Now, we are looking towards doing a trial period of eating a gluten-free diet.  The hope being that it will ease Pookie’s stomach.

Only problem is that gluten-free breads that I have tasted in the past are like trying to eat styrofoam. No flavor and the texture is not very good. 

So many gluten-free cookbooks have bread recipes but the flour mixes are what makes or breaks the finished product.  I am hoping to find a bread or recipe that makes a loaf similar in texture to a loaf of bread made with wheat flour.

Anyone have a favorite gluten-free bread recipe, flour mixture recipe, or store bought flour mix?

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Ever since our son, Pookie, was diagnosed with Classic Autism Disorder, I have read many emails and posts regarding the problems that many with autism have with gluten in their diet.  Up until recently, our son seemed to not be affected by it.

For nearly 2 years, he refused to eat any type of meat other than salmon.  He loved baked salmon as well as the salmon caked that I made using cooked quinoa in place of the bread/cracker crumbs.  About a year ago, he suddenly began wanting a taste of various meats that were made at mealtimes.  He still loves to eat the vegan diet, but also enjoys a taste of meat now and then.

Over the past few months, I have noticed his cravings for bread, pasta, and crackers to have increased.  If given a choice, he will rather have any of those in place of a meal without wheat products.  Gradually, he developed a bad problem with gas.  I read online that the average person will pass gas up to about 14 times a day.  Unfortunately for our son, it is much more than that, especially immediately after eating wheat products.  I was most surprised when even a bowl of Cheerio’s cereal with almond milk caused gas.  After checking the ingredients, this predominately oats cereal also contains wheat protein (aka gluten) among the listed ingredients.  This had me checking further into the affects of gluten.

It turns out that many people who test negative for Celiac are sensitive to gluten.  It may not be as large of a problem as Celiac, but they do have some of the same symptoms.  One of these is a problem with frequent gas that has a very bad odor.  Unlike Celiac, there is no test for gluten sensitivity.  You have to find out the old fashioned way of going gluten-free for 2 to 4 weeks, then gradually reintroduce gluten into your diet.  If the problems go away after you have stopped eating gluten, only to return when gluten is reintroduced, you likely have a gluten sensitivity.

Starting this week, we are going gluten-free for a month.  Going to be hard to accomplish as gluten seems to be in nearly any of the “fun” foods that the kids like.  We already have to be careful with dairy do to my husband, Pookie, and I all having various levels of lactose intolerance.  This really is going to be a challenge.  I am searching out recipes that are vegan and gluten-free to have in our diet.

If it turns out that Pookie is doing better without gluten, then we will be changing our diet as a family to support him in this.  We do not believe in having a separate meal for one because they cannot eat what everyone else is having.  It also will prevent him from the upset & frustration of notbein gable to have the same snacks that his big sister is enjoying.

Oddly, I am looking forward to this adventure.  I believe that we, as a society, are consuming too much starchy foods anyways.  Having 1 set of Grandparents who were diabetic, I am especially watchful due to the sugars in starchy foods.  I am not looking to substitute a gluten-free bread for the typical one.  I may have a couple of recipes to use from time to time, however.  I plan to use a more raw-foods approach and make variations of the snacks and sandwich wraps that do not include a lot of bread or flour in their ingredients.

This diet change will be a new one for us.  It would seem that our family’s diet has been evolving over the past 6 years.  This is simply the newest phase of change.

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