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A few weeks ago, Pookie’s occupational therapist, Miss Amanda, mentioned using Montessori with Pookie.  I have looked at Montessori in the past and decided to give it a closet look.
What I discovered was just how seamlessly Montessori melds with TEACCH. There are basic similarities between the two.

Like TEACCH tasks, a Montessori activity is set up so each activity is in its own tray.  This eliminates a child becoming frustrated or distracted with having to fetch a missing component, such as crayons, to complete the activity.

Both TEACCH and Montessori are strong on the idea of hands-on activities that work fine motor development.

The Montessori method seems like a precursor to the popular workbox system. With Montessori, activity trays are arranged on a shelf the child can access. The main difference is that with Montessori, the child goes at their own pace and interests instead of following a visual schedule as is done with TEACCH and the workbox methods.

Montessori works best when you have activities that fit multiple areas, including fine motor, sensory, language, math, and writing.

I am loving what I am seeing with Montessori. Doing a search for Montessori on Pinterest you quickly find a plethora of ideas to incorporate.  I found by searching for Montessori boards that some had up to the thousands of ideas pointed on the board. With that much inspiration, I will be finding activities for Pookie easily to keep him progressing for a long time to come.

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