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I have been looking at more ideas on ways to help our son to be able to communicate what he is learning.  One method that I am looking at is the flannel board activities.  It seems to be a natural progression to me.  It would provide not only the method to practice & communicate information learned, but adds a sensory activity through touch.

I did a quick search online and found a very fast & easy project on the Dr. Jean & Friends blog.  On the blog, she shows how to make a mini flannel board out of a file folder.  In simple terms, she turns the file folder into a pocket to store the flannel board figures with the outside of the folder being the flannel board.  I won’t post instructions since she has a wonderfully simple tutorial with pictures at the link above.

I am looking at her idea in a couple of ways.  Often, we have need for various colors of background.  For our son, there may be times when a brightly colored background may be distracting.  In that situation, a neutral color background may be best.  Yet there are times when making the scene from a story that the colors can be brighter.

The flannel board figures can be stored in a binder until needed.  Place a labeled sheet of cardstock into a sheet protector with the figures.  When needed for a lesson, the figures can be removed from the sheet protector and placed into the flannel board file folder’s pocket.

I am now searching for ideas of activities.  My mind is spinning with what I am wanting to make, just wanting to see what printables I can find to turn into the flannel board figures.  Print the items to be made into flannel board figures onto cardstock, color if necessary, laminate, then add the rough side of adhesive-backed Velcro onto the back of the figures and you’re done.

Looking at the various free file folder activities available, these would easily be made into flannel board activities.  There are so many available.  By turning the file folder games into flannel board activities, you avoid having to buy so many file folders to make the games.  Storage of the figures in baggies or in sheet protectors in a binder will take up far less space than my file folder game collection is taking currently.  I may simply get a few pizza boxes from the local pizza shop to turn into stackable storage boxes that can be labeled by subject.


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