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Homeschooling both a daughter & a grandson, both age 5, can be a challenge.  Grandson is easily distracted from his work.  My eldest daughter is homeschooling him, but uses different materials than my dd5 uses.  This can be a problem some days when one child perceives the other’s work to appear more fun than their own.  Grandson also has the added issue of possibly being ADD or ADHD (they are awaiting the appointment for diagnosis evaluation) which can bring other challenges into the mix.

I found a possible solution to part of the distraction issue while reading the current issue of Disney’s Family Fun magazine.  A reader had sent in a picture of her son with a “Homework Central” display.  In the article, the display was used as a way to organize the child’s supplies for doing homework without pestering his siblings.  When I saw the display, I thought it to be a great way to organize the supplies most used on school assignments as well as providing a way to cut down on the distraction issue.

The concept is a simple one.  A science fair display board, with the height cut in half,  is decorated with adhesive hooks for holding scissors, 3-ring clear binder pencil cases, ruler, and other basic supplies.  I am going to add to this adhesive stickers of letters, numbers, basic shapes, and colors to expand the idea.  This will make the board not only an organizational tool, but a mini office with ready reference information a 5 yr old may need.

I am pretty excited about this idea.  Will have to take pictures of ours once they are done.

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