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A month ago, Little Miss sent out her flat traveler to another homeschooling family in DeMotte, Indiana.

On Saturday, the traveler returned with wonderful tales about her visit with the Purdy family. Little Miss was so excited when she checked the mailbox. She came running back to me, “I got a package Momma! I haven’t got a package in the mail in ever so long.” (Can you tell from her wording that she loves reading the Anne of Green Gables story? LOL)

Her traveler was one of the many free printable paper dolls found on the MakingFriends.com website. This site is one that girl scouts use for making crafts. They also have a large selection of paper dolls that you can print out, along with a large selection of clothes to choose from. You can make boy or girl dolls. The clothing comes separately so that you can cut out what you want to dress the dolls anyway you wish. There are even uniforms and clothing for various careers, costumes for holidays, and even religious dolls, such as outfits to make a paper doll Nativity set.


Little Miss was so excited at the return of her traveler that she was dancing around and hugging the traveler. Out of many sent out over the past couple of years, this is the second one she has had return.

The Purdy family had a lot of fun with the little traveler. They went on outings, such as the Nutcracker Ballet, a candy factory, and a small dairy goat farm. During the visit, the Purdy family had their first heavy snow of the season and took the traveler sledding.

Little Miss was touched so much by how careful the Purdy’s 4 year old daughter took such great care to dress the traveler warmly in doll clothes and tuck her into a doll bed to sleep at night. After Thanksgiving, the family put up their Christmas tree and the traveler was given the honor of being an ornament on the tree for a time.

In the package the traveler returned in, there was a lengthy letter telling about all of the adventures that the traveler got to participate in. They also included some information about Indiana, including maps showing where the traveler had visited. On a very sweet note, the Purdy’s also included a cardinal Christmas ornament, some candy and a brochure from the candy factory, and a jar of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. We learned that Orville Redenbacher was from a county in Indiana not far from the Purdy’s home. Lastly, there was a very special gift bag in the box. It contained a Mickey Mouse door magnet and a pair of pirate earrings that were gifts from the cruise.

Little Miss is thrilled. She loved looking through and reading everything that was sent. In the letter, there were a lot of pictures taken with the traveler. What a fun adventure the traveler had. We are so grateful to them for hosting her.

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Therapy Changes

One of the things that I love about the therapy center that Little Man goes to each week is that all of the therapies are done in one day.  On therapy day, he has 1  hour of occupational therapy, 45 minutes of physical therapy (working him up to having a full hour soon), and then after a lunch break, he has speech therapy.  It has been a blessing to have it all in one place on one day.  We travel 79 miles from home to get the therapies.

On the downside, he has had a very inconsistent year over the past 12 months.  A year ago, in December, his physical therapist went on maternity leave until about mid-late January.  Immediately after her return, his occupational therapist went on her maternity leave for a month.  Within a couple of months after that, the physical therapist quit her job so that she could have more time at home with her baby.  The new physical therapist worked with Little Man for a short time before having back surgery.

It was shortly after this time that hubby changed jobs and started driving truck for an OTR trucking company.  This meant that Daddy went from being home every night to him being away from home for at least 4 weeks at a time.

Little Man’s physical therapist recovered from her surgery and finally returned.  Everything seemed to calm down for a couple of months until this past autumn.  His occupational therapist let me know that she was moving out of state in October.  A week after she moved, his physical therapist changed jobs as well.  So, here we are with a new occupational therapist and physical therapist.  Both seem to be a good fit for him and he is working well with each of them.

I am just looking forward to him having some continuity in his therapies so that he can progress better.  Those with autism have a really difficult time dealing with changes in routine.  This past year has been a testing time for Little Man.  He has come through it pretty well, all things considered.  Here is to praying that this next year is more settled in his therapies than the past year has been!

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