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With a new school year comes a new chapter in our lives. Little Miss is becoming quite the young lady. She is such a sweet spirit and a joy to have in our family. I am already noticing a maturity in her this school term that hasn’t been there previously. Now, she has become much more independent in her studies. We have a morning meeting each day. In this meeting, I briefly go over her lesson schedule for the day, making note of what subjects she should come to me for further assistance. Once we conclude, she takes her assignment notebook, sits at her desk, and gets started.

We are still using the 10-drawer cart for her curriculum materials. We don’t follow the workbox system so much with her anymore. Instead, each subject has a permanent home in one of the drawers. She uses her assignment notebook and simply works her way down the list. I purposely scheduled her lessons so that those she needs the most assistance with are scheduled for a time of day when I am finished working with Little Man.

For Little Miss’ curriculum, we have chosen to use My Father’s World: Adventures in US History as the foundational theme for the year. Though designed for 3rd grade, we are beefing up the lessons to a 4th grade level. It is actually very easy to do when you consider that the curriculum only covers history, geography, and science. Those topics are easy to adjust to the 4th grade by increasing the reading assignments and what is expected in her weekly projects. The reason for this choice is that it will provide a good foundation before we begin studying world cultures next term, which will begin early summer, 2016, since we homeschool year round.

My Father’s World uses a cycle called “Investigate” from 4th grade through 8th grade. The cycle looks like this:

Exploring Countries and Cultures

Creation to the Greeks

Rome to the Reformation

Exploration to 1850

1850 to Modern Times

With us homeschooling year round, with very few breaks, by the time Little Miss is ready to start high school, she will have already completed all the levels of the above curriculum.

Here is a rundown of her curriculum for the year.

Bible My Father’s World

Language Arts English Christian Light Publishing

Spelling ACIS Spelling Workbook

Writing Cursive Handwriting workbook

History & Geography My Father’s World

Mathematics Christian Light Publishing

Science My Father’s World

Reading Unit Studies based upon literature read

Art I Can Do All Things, art curriculum

Foreign Language Sign Language

Music My Father’s World

We are loving the time doing US History this year. There is so much that she is going to be learning about each state, as well as the founding and establishing of our nation. It is a really good overview of our country’s history before tackling the world cultures next term, then world history the following 4 terms.

Little Man is starting a completely new adventure of his own. I will write about his curriculum in detail next post.

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