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I am not one to enjoy strict schedules, but am coming to terms with my need of one.  Living off-grid, my daily chores are done without the convenience of electrical appliances, laundry included.  Add on to of that the homeschooling and working with Pookie on his therapy, my days are getting busy.  So, I am now working on a daily schedule.

I am finding it to alternate between being a reasonable decision and being a pain in the keester. 

I am starting listing all of the daily chores.  I am dividing them so that I don’t have more that 1 large job to do each day.  Some will be done throughout the day, others after the kids are in bed at night.

The kids’ school work is set up so that Little Miss’ is working independently while I work with Pookie.  Some work will be done together, most with be independent.

As I get closer to having a finished schedule, I am feeling better about it.  Now, the hard part…getting us used to following the routine schedule.

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