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It Arrived!

I am so excited and humbled today.  While at the therapy center, I called the wheelchair company for a status on Pookie’s medical stroller. Turns out, the stroller had arrived at their facility and they only needed to set up an appointment with his OT, Miss Amanda, to have the stroller delivered and adjusted to Pookie for a good fitting.  Miss Amanda was with us finishing up Pookie’s session, so I handed her the phone.  They set up for the stroller to be delivered just 2.5 hrs later when Pookie had his speech therapy appointment.  What a blessing!


Pookie was excited to sit in his new medical stroller and was very patient as they adjusted the straps.  After he was finished and went to his speech therapy session,  I was shown how to fold, unfold, and adjust the stroller.  Tears were present as I thanked everyone for helping to get this much needed stroller for Pookie.  It is going to open doors for him and enrich his life.  There are so many places that I have wanted to take him and Little Miss, but was unable to because he wouldn’t have the stamina to spend much time there.  The adult size wheelchair we got at a thrift store to use temporarily was not safe enough for him.  He could easily climb or fall out.  This stroller style will keep him far safer.  We will be able to go on more educational and fun outings, including field trips with the homeschool group we are members of.  This is truly going to open up more doors for Pookie and the rest of our family.

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PECS Update

Lately, I have been working on more PECS cards for Pookie.  We are blessed to have the resource of the therapy center to have the cards printed and laminated.  This saves me much time and expense.  Pookie’s OT, Miss Amanda, offered to find PECS cards for him but I wanted to save her the extra work.  So, I went to my favorite “go to” resource online to design the cards.  If you haven’t checked out SEN Teacher yet, it is amazing!  Look under the Printables tab and you will find AAC Printables.  This is where you can make your own PECS cards or visual schedule cards for free.

For Pookie, I am making the cards in a size 2, which gives me 12 cards per sheet.  You have the option of using your own photos, doing a search for photos, or using AAC images.  I like using a little of each.  I have some cards now that I made by using the search terms “sign language (fill in the word needed)” to express abstract or conceptual needs.  For example, I wanted to have a PECS card for “I want” to help Pookie make a phrase of sentence.  In doing a Google search for “sign language want” I found the following picture.


After being printed, the “I” was written in to make the card say “I want” before the card was laminated.

Something that we are beginning to do with Pookie is to have him point to the cards instead of trying to make him hand them to us.  Pookie doesn’t do hand to hand exchanges.  So, we are adapting to allow him to still communicate but in a way in which he is comfortable doing.  It is really no different than if a communication device was used.

I have a small 3-ring binder that holds paper 5.5 x 8.5 inches in size.  On the front cover, I placed rows of self-adhesive Velcro.  Inside, I am placing half-sheets of heavy cardstock that is also heat laminated.  These become the storage pages for the PECS cards that can be indexed by type.

One idea that I saw at the therapy center was a painted stick that is used to place PECS cards onto as a visual schedule.  I have always loved that idea.  I had considered using a wooden ruler but am going to use a paint stir stick instead.  These sticks are very inexpensive.  Sometimes, I store will just give them to you if you ask. I can easily drill a hole into the handle end to place a hanging loop onto.  Once completely dry, the adhesive Velcro can be added to one side.  Another option is to buy a PECS Sentence Strip from Amazon for about $5.00.


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