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Last week, my husband and I took videos during the therapy sessions our son went to for OT and Speech.  Both therapists use the FloorTime technique to work with him.  I wanted to share the link here in case anyone were interested in seeing what his sessions were like.

Pookie is still in the beginning stages of learning to use sign language.  The signs that he uses are ones that are more based upon what activities the therapists are doing. For example, one of the first signs that he learned was “go”.  The purpose was so that as they pushed him in the swing (his favorite) they could stop it and wait for him to sign “go” before they continued pushing the swing.  Last week, he learned the sign for “car” as the therapist played a game using a car with him.  She placed the car at the top of a ramp and waited until he signed “car go” before letting the car go down the ramp.

Spontaneously, Pookie will sometimes say a word or two.  Far from being considered verbal, but it is a beginning.  The words that he uses are used in an appropriate time and context.  It gives us much hope that he will become more verbal in the future.

If you are curious as to how his sessions go, feel free to watch the videos.  I will be adding more homeschool related videos as well in the coming months.  The link for the videos is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM1b09F5RKlUd758a7fUNxw/videos


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