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It is amazing how quickly time can pass in between postings on the blog.  Had trouble with my computer one week, then just simply got out of the habit on getting online.

I have been working on reorganizing the house.  With our plans to start fixing up some of the rooms this summer, I have been doing a deep purging of any excess.  Basically getting rid of anything that I don’t want to have to store during the remodeling process.

In homeschooling, the kids are seeing the end of the road with the current school term.  We will be doing some work throughout the summer, but most work is already done for the year.  Now, it is mainly the 3R’s (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic) just to keep them fresh through the summer months.  Very light schedule with most time spent outdoors enjoying the time playing.  We are also getting into the season of spending more time on outings to the zoo and other locations.  Basically, summer is field trip season.

I have written up a couple of blog posts detailing how I have the children’s homeschool workstations set up.   Just waiting to have a very sunny day so that I can take pictures of it all.  The days that I wrote the blogs, we were having rainy weather, so had poor natural lighting.  One of the disadvantages to being off-grid, I guess.

I am going through next term’s curriculum in order to make a list of the printables I will need on a regular basis.  There is much more notebooking to be done by Little Miss, so want to have a nice supply of printables ready for her to use.  The goal is to have a small supply on hand at all times so that I won’t have to be running to the office supply to make copies each week.

Now that the initial spring clean-up is nearly done, I am beginning to have more time for other things.  I am writing tutorials for future blog posts that I hope will be of use to someone else.  There will also be a set of printable visual schedule tags for both homeschool and chores which I am currently putting together.  I will start posting these over the next couple of weeks.  My goal is to have a good sampling of information for DIY projects that will save time and money.

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