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So happy that Little Man has taken to using the PECS cards to make his thoughts known.  Most often, it is to ask for something.  I also use them to give him the opportunity to make choices.

One area that needs a lot of work though is for me to make new good cards.  Unless away from home, we eat a diet that is mostly vegan foods.  Sadly, there are many ethnic foods, in example, which there are no PECS cards for.  I am now taking pictures to make my own cards.

To make the cards, I first take pictures to upload to my computer. I open up my word processing program and make a grid 4 squares across by 5 does down.  This yields 20 catds per page. The squares are 2″x 2″in size. 

I then insert and size to fit a picture in each square.  I leave enough room so rhat i can label each picture.

The page is printed onto cardstock. The squares are cut out. I then place the cards on a lamination pouch, spacing them evenly.  Upon laminating, I cut out each square along with a sliver of laminate border in place.

Once cut, I place either the rough side of hook and loop tape on the back of each square.  These are then stored in trading card sheet protectors, organized by category.

Another option is to use the magnet tape.  I use the magnet tape for routine cards. 

I keep a small binder that held half sized pages that were laminated and had strips of the fuzzy side of Velcro attached.  I have cards that I made to represent pictures of bariou food menu items.  When we go out to eat, I have a ready supply of cards for each restaurant. Little Man then is able to choose the meal he wants.

On our wall, I have a magnetic message board.  I have a second set of cards with his favorite foods and snacks. I place onto the message board the food choices that he has for the day.  I also have a “change diaper” card on the board.  A piece of the magnet tape is all that is needed to keep them in place on the board.

Now, as I am ready to serve a meal, I take a picture of the meal. As soon as I have enough to full a sheet, I make the cards. Little Man is able to make choices and is happier during mealtimes. 


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DIY Art Supplies

It is that time of year again when families are getting sticker shock at the prices of Back to School supplies for their kids.  Just like those in public or private schools, children who are homeschooled go through a LOT of supplies each school term.  One thing that I notice in homeschooling Little Miss and Pookie is that we go through more supplies than when my older kids were in public school.  Items like paper and pencils are about the same as when the older children went to school, but art supplies is a whole different matter.

It is amazing how much paint and other basic art supplies we go through.  I like to encourage the kids to be creative in their play as well as art.  In order to do this, I sometimes have to be a bit creative myself when it comes to obtaining supplies.  The best thing I ever did was search for recipes to make homemade supplies.

Now, I know that children who are not homeschooled wouldn’t be able to take the homemade art supplies to school.  They can use them at home for their fun projects.  For families who homeschool, the homemade versions of art supplies can be a huge blessing to the budget.  We also see it as a great way to teach our children to be more frugal.  By making the supplies at home, we are able to get the supplies much cheaper.  In winter months, it is especially helpful to have the recipes so that I am not having to travel to the city to buy supplies we have run out of.  If we run out of a specific color of watercolor paint on a pallet, then I can make more of that one color instead of having to buy a whole new set of paints.

There are two resources that are my “go-to” places to find recipes.  I strongly suggest that you test a few out.  One recipe may work better than another, depending on the type of project you are doing.  I finally began recording the recipes which gave me the best results in a small notebook for quick reference offline.  Some recipes seem to work better than others.  It all comes down to your own preferences.

The first site that I recommend is Make, Create, and Do.  This page has some very good recipes for the basics that a young child or preschooler would use.  I have used several of them with good results.

The second site, Artists Helping Children, has a larger number of recipes to choose from, included some that are better suited for older children.  Overall, they have a wide range of supplies that you can make which would benefit children of any age.

I know that there are many more websites with recipes for art supplies.  Of all that I have looked at and tested recipes from, the two listed above have been the best.  If you know of another website that has recipes that you have tried and had good results with, I would love to know about them.


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