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Wow!  I hadn’t realized how long it had been since my last post.  With the holidays and all going on, the thought of posting a blog had truly not been on my mind.

The kids and I are falling into a routine now that is a comfortable fit for us all.  We rise early, then after breakfast, Little Miss starts on her workboxes.  Math is usually her first assignment.  She enjoys the lessons but especially likes to get it done and out of the way so she can read and do the hands-on lessons.  Some days, I have a file folder game tucked into a workbox  for her just to give a bit of review as well as variety.  Her favorite surprise in a workbox was a little “”tea party” card. By the time she was ready for that workbox, I had some little sandwiches, buttermilk scones, and jam ready as well as water heated for our tea.  She loves these little unexpected moments.  I enjoy them too.  It just makes the experience more fun for both of us.

Pookie is going slowly but steadily through his schooling.  I find that most of his schooling is a 3-fold process.  First, I read to him a lot each day.  Secondly, I we do hands-on projects that build on his fine motor development as well as creativity.  The third part is the most important, in my opinion.  I talk to him about everything.  If he is hanging out with me, I talk about what I am doing, often enlisting his help wherever possible.  I talk to him as though he understands every word that I say.  I ask him questions that I know he is able to answer in his own way.  One example was when I asked what he wanted for lunch.  Now, just to make it clear, I want to remind you that he is nonverbal.  Pookie walked to the refrigerator and waited for me to open it.  Once opened, he pointed to the carton of eggs.  I got them out and asked if he wanted scrambled eggs for lunch.  He walked into the pantry and pushed my hand towards the loaf of bread.  We took it back into the kitchen and I asked if he wanted eggs and toast.  He gave no reaction, so I tried another guess.  Did he want french toast?  At that, Pookie smiled at me.  Okay, french toast for lunch it is!  Now, that may seem a simple thing to most people.  Here is what I saw happen.  1.  Pookie expressed a need – he wanted to eat.  2. Pookie expressed a choice in his meal – eggs & bread.  3. He knew that to make french toast, I use both eggs and bread!  That in itself shows a cognitive understanding at a higher level than he was thought to have.  During all of this, he never spoke a word but his needs & preferences were made very clear.  It was a huge step forward.

We are working on the holiday preparations still.  We were given a small tree to use.  It will be our first Christmas tree.  I made some clay which we are using to make the ornaments.  Little Miss came up with a wonderful idea as a family project that she is leading.  I cannot speak of it here yet as members of our church read the blog and it is something she is doing for them.  It is humbling that she thought of it however.



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I am not one to enjoy strict schedules, but am coming to terms with my need of one.  Living off-grid, my daily chores are done without the convenience of electrical appliances, laundry included.  Add on to of that the homeschooling and working with Pookie on his therapy, my days are getting busy.  So, I am now working on a daily schedule.

I am finding it to alternate between being a reasonable decision and being a pain in the keester. 

I am starting listing all of the daily chores.  I am dividing them so that I don’t have more that 1 large job to do each day.  Some will be done throughout the day, others after the kids are in bed at night.

The kids’ school work is set up so that Little Miss’ is working independently while I work with Pookie.  Some work will be done together, most with be independent.

As I get closer to having a finished schedule, I am feeling better about it.  Now, the hard part…getting us used to following the routine schedule.

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